crankshaft (steam plugin manager) 0.1.8 release notes 

yaaaaaaaay big release

- Add button to reload Steam in Crankshaft settings
- Add basic gamepad support for plugins and built-in Crankshaft menus
- Plugin API: Add key-value store service for plugins

- Change autostart service to restart only on failure
- Substitute home directory in command line flags
- Change default steam path to ~/.steam/steam
- Improve reliability of shift + tab to toggle quick access menu in gamepad UI
- Clean up logs by removing some unneeded log message
- Log an error if specified steam-path doesn't exist

- Use 24-hour time in log file names
- Improve navigating between plugin pages
- Use host home directory in file paths

- Update dependencies

hot take 

e-ink should be default

(once it's cheap)

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remember I run a remote repair business and you can request a voice or video call from me if you need help with something. still free right now as I'm still kinda trying to work out how I'll charge (i'd love to like not charge for the service but yknow, capitalism :( requires me to have money)

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for the love of shit stop telling people to use brave browser

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@avery "It's always a USB-C problem" is the local version of "It's always DNS".

entirely removing subscriptions in favour of privacy is an absolute +rep moment

i feel like not many saas companies would survive if people couldn't forget about a subscription they don't use

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ok if i use a usb a port on the pinepower instead of the usb c it works

i dont have any third party usb c - c cables to test if it's an issue with the pine64 one tho

it's probably some weird power delivery thing (i dont know how it wokr)

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pine64 pinephone battery -> pine64 pinephone battery charger -> pine64 usb c - usb c cable -> pine64 pinepower

doesn't work

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hello can anyone recommend good cute and/or wholesome steam games that are on sale

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hello can anyone recommend good cute and/or wholesome steam games that are on sale

oh this is cool, you can type an sftp url into thunar

then you can add a shortcut for it to quickly access it again

no more filezilla

oh that's cool, valve added more update channels to the steam deck

now you can choose stable, beta, or main

I wonder if main is literally just updated like every time they push changes

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