Tried to install bitwarden-cli on my pinephone... sat installing (compiling? transpiling? idk cause its fucking javascript???) for 10 minutes then it failed cause it tired to fetch an x86 node binary.... I don't understand why a nodejs app needs a particular nodejs binary when node and nvm are already installed on my system.......................

@avery I'm using Javascript to post on the Fediverse, sadly. But, from experience I can tell that less Javascript results in a happier life.

@avery nvm considered harmful

Here's the thing... native modules, usually written in C(++), are distributed in binary form in some cases. Sounds like you ran into one of them. There is a tool to rebuild those: node-gyp, part of npm.
Just run: npm rebuild
That should fix it for you. If not: Let the devs/maintainers of the software/package know. :)

@CyReVolt Fair, just a n g o r that my password manager uses Node

@avery I guess all I can ask for is a little love for my beloved runtime. :-)

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