what the HECC picked up my pmos pinephone and started messing with stuff again... phosh/arch linux arm is running even smoother than just a few weeks ago!

Amazing and super promising how fast mobile Linux is developing

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@bamfic It's been a few months since I've tried UBPorts, so compared to then, yes, but I'm sure it's also improved a lot. I haven't tried others (like Plasma Mobile or sxmo) for any significant amount of time.


It feels like it's getting closer to a polished experience. Everything launches nearly instantly (aside from a few apps like Firefox and Gnome Maps). Auto-rotate is pretty fast, keyboard feels nice to use, good Nextcloud contacts integration, calls and SMS seem fairly reliable (haven't tested them too much), and from what I know MMS should be working soon. Even small things like vibration when tapping on some UI elements and using the keyboard is nice to see.


@bamfic Yep, haven't tried actually navigating with it, but GPS seems to be working fine.

Camera is very laggy right now (looks like 1 FPS), but someone got GPU accelerated camera working recently [0] which looks much better. Looks like it's on UBPorts for now, but I'm sure that'll start appearing on other distros soon enough.


@bamfic Just tried with a pair of Sennheiser headphones.

I wasn't able to connect to my headphones using the Gnome/Phosh settings app, so I used SSH to install bluez-utils and used bluetoothctl to pair and connect.

Now the headphones appear as connected in the settings app, I can see them in the audio settings and pavucontrol, and playing music is working great with Lollypop! You even get play/pause/next/back controls on the lockscreen, and volume rockers work even with the screen off.

@bamfic As I was writing this they disconnected - I think that was the power saving setting that turns off bluetooth/wifi if the screen is off for X minutes, but that's easy to disable.

It seems like the issue with the settings app is just with pairing. Now that they're already paired, I was able to go in and reconnect my headphones directly from settings instead of having to use the terminal.

@bamfic Camera is still rough, but hopefully that hardware accelerated camera work that someone did comes to alarm soon.

Nemo works ok as a file manager, but it would be nice to have either better mobile support, or a file manager made for mobile (the UBPorts one is pretty nice, but idk if it works on other distros).

I haven't had a great experience with Matrix clients, but Mirage is great and desktop, currently compiling it for ARM (I've heard it works well).


@bamfic A (very incomplete) list of apps I'd like to see:

- Bitwarden client
- Invidious/Youtube client
- Reddit/HN/Lobsters/etc client (and maybe other popular social media, luckily Tootle already works great for fediverse)
- Github/Gitlab/Sourcehut client


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