web/javascript rant 

burn it. lets burn the web down and start over

apparently to display this number you need:

- react/gatsby (at least a few hundred dependencies), because javascript is the only way to display a number in the web browser

- netlify/vercel and aws lambda, so not only do you have potential aws lock-in, but also another platform built on top of it

- a proprietary, hosted-only, nosql database

now we can increment and display a number! 馃帀

Web 10 27 23

web/javascript rant 

@avery "Thanks, I hate it" - wise philosopher Lindsay Ellis

re: web/javascript rant 

@avery 馃帀

web/javascript rant 

@avery this feels like someone was playing inverse code golf to win a bet lmao do people really live like this

web/javascript rant 

@avery @haskal oh nice a non joke version of fizz buzz in tensorflow

@avery It looks like this could be a React tutorial. Its purpose might be to demonstrate how to use React by building something simple like a todo list app.

@Gargron yes, I think it's mostly a tutorial for serverless, but if it's meant as more of an example I think it could be more clear if this is meant to be an example. I'm also not a fan in general of calling this a "modern-day" approach, and how bloated even the static site stack is becoming.

I should add I like the author's blog, they always have well-written posts (especially for CSS), just don't always agree with the stack :p

@avery pay no mind, these are people who are just discovering the technology without regards for the future nor anything else.

web/javascript rant 

@avery Well..

I don't have the words to express what I feel... Like. :blobfoxfacepalm:

re: web/javascript rant 

@avery >burn it. lets burn the web down and start over
Great! Here is what you'll need to get started
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