@avery "how I set up my own personal CDN using one of the most influential global paid web services and one of the world's most powerful CDNs"
It's highly possible I'm very wrong about this, but I gather that CloudFlare's CDN will only cache something after a certain level of popularity?
If so, you're still paying for potentially hundreds of thousands of hits per day/week/month on S3, which could get expensive quickly, and perhaps be exploited by someone malicious to just burn your money?

@Ted uhhhhhhhhhhhhh I don't know a huge amount about cdn's, but I think all you need is one hit, and it'll cache that resource for however long you specified

although there is a max file size, I remember this story where someone put a 13 gb OS image on s3, put cloudflare in front of it, but didnt know cloudflare only caches up to 512 mb files on their plan, so they got hit with $2600 aws bill


@avery ah!
That's a big ouch. Just... S3 in general for anything immediately webfacing...

And this reminds me of this article (now fine, so archive.org):

@Ted oof... stuff like this is why I have little trust in free services

(also don't like centralization)

@avery@social.avery.cafeqe for efficient/feasible operation of so many things, centralization is key...
For most things the average individual may interact with? Pretty unnecessary
@avery wow I managed to dump a character in your username

@Ted I agree, but in this case the Internet was made to be decentralized and highly resilient, but now all your data goes through Cloudflare and AWS, and when one goes down, half the internet goes with you

@Ted fwiw I'm running two (low traffic) static sites through BunnyCDN, which gives me higher cache hit rate since they have less datacentre locations (which is a benefit for this use case)

@avery nice!
May I ask which sites?

(also it's nice to see that some people still host static ones)

@Ted My personal website (avery.cafe), which doesn't have much atm but I'm adding a blog soon, and killedbymozilla.com which I update occasionally

It feels like static sites are becoming more popular over the past few years which is nice to see

@avery regaining popularity after thirty years or so!
Like vinyl! Or did that take a bit longer?
@avery at least you and everyone you may ever have a chance of encountering can blame them at once! :P
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