Wordsmith (PalmOS app) is great, it can replace the built in memo app for simple stuff (and still sync with a desktop), and you can also make more complex documents with fonts, headings, lists, alignment, etc

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After typing a bit on the foldable keyboard I got, my first impressions are... mostly good. The keys feel nice, and it's surprisingly stable with the big rubber feet on the bottom.

The problem is the layout. I know it's to keep the keyboard small, but there's so many shortcuts to memorize. I don't think I could get used to it unless I did a significant amount of typing on it.

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also I find it kinda hilarious that it has all of:
- shift
- ctrl
- cmd
- alt
- two (different) fn keys
- and two spacebars

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@avery This is the exact same layout as the Ultra Thin folding keyboard I got. Definitely most suited to writing actual words and not a lot of numbers or code type things. I like it overall because of how dang small and thin it is and it still feels nice enough to type on. I think writing actual words is how I will use it so it should work for me.

@kelbot it's amazing how they got these nice clicky keys in such a tiny keyboard!

True, I'll probably have to stick to writing. The Palm + keyboard easily fit in a small bag (or even pockets), could be a good alternative to a laptop if I ever do more writing. I've been meaning to start a blog/gemlog for a while...

@avery The hardware design is quite impressive! I can fit the m500 and the Ultra Thin keyboard in one pocket and the keyboard still feels nice to type on and that's pretty sweet.

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