Any PalmOS calendar app recommendations? I'm at least looking for recurring events, which it seems like the stock app doesn't support. Gonna try out DateBk6, but it might be too advanced for what I need (apparently the manual is 120+ pages x.x)

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ok, I ended up using the previous version (DateBk5) since it's a bit simpler and has a registration code in Codez4Palm. I would probably use an even older version but I wasn't able to find a registration code

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@avery The stock Palm OS Datebook does recurring events. Just hit details of the entry and then tap the repeat section.
I've been poking around DatekBk6 a little bit since I've seen it recommended a lot but yeah, I'm not sure I need the massive amount of features it has.

@kelbot ah, how did I miss that :blobcatfacepalm:

To be honest my first instinct was to look it up, which apparently is pretty difficult for 20 year old software.

I've been playing with DateBk5 a bit, might stick with it, I like the view options more than the stock date book, and I can already see the floating events and irregular repeats being useful...

@avery The additional views are definitely nice. The linking of events to other events/todos/memos could be handy too. Once I discovered it, adding DateBk4 and then DateBk5 was basically the first thing I did on all my PDAs. I was actually kind of DateBk evangelist back in the day, if I saw someone with a Palm device I'd ask if they knew about it.

@LilFluff @avery Haha. What were your favorite features? I think I may stick with it just for the extra views alone. Pretty much those extra views and finding it easier to handle recurring events. (Reading all the PDA stuff has me tempted to try picking up a replacement battery/charger for my Clie if for no other reason than to play that PopCap aquarium game again)

@LilFluff @kelbot unrelated, but this reminded me of this journal I found of someone's experience using a Clie in 2003, I thought it was a fun read: Hey! That's actually the model I have, and managed to buy at a steep discount because someone bought it, stuck velcro on the back for a car dash mounting kit, and only then realized, "Oh. I'd meant to buy a different model," and returned it to Best Buy the very next day. As far as I could tell I wasn't sure they'd even ever turned it on.

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