surprised these are already here, I think this is the fastest Pine64 order I've received

fingerprint scanner case is about what I expected. It's very slightly thicker than a standard back cover, but not really noticeable

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my pinephone isn't booting x.x

it's not easy to remove the phone, the case doesn't wanna stop munching on it

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protip: push the case so that it flexes outwards, instead of trying to pull out the phone

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gonna try reinstalling arch, I was messing with it on saturday, maybe I broke something and forgot

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the fingerprint case is a bit weird. Not sure if it’s just an issue with mine, but this little PCB doesn’t stay in place. It *kinda* snaps into place, but it pops out a few seconds later. I see a plastic piece with holes for the contacts underneath, I thought maybe the PCB was supposed to be under that, but looking at pictures on the Pine64 blog, I think it is just supposed to snap in on top of it

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update: I think I couldn't boot cause my battery was too low, so it was powering off really quickly (even though the battery indicator says the battery is almost full...)

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I'm still pretty slow at typing (especially with one hand lol) but holding it and typing with two thumbs is pretty quick

The shortcuts for symbols, arrow keys, etc will take some time to get used to though

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@avery very cool

how many wps do you get with both hands, can you run a test?

@fluffy @fluffy just played a few rounds of Typeracer, both by holding the keyboard and using two thumbs, and with the keyboard set down on a table. currently getting 40 WPM pretty consistently.

With the keyboard set down, the main issue I'm running into is that the keys are so small that they're difficult to hit accurately :ablobcatkeyboardbreak: (hopefully I get used to it over time).

already better than the touchscreen keyboard tho

@avery ok wow, this is nice :) how is the quality from the keyboard?

@krzym overall it feels really nice!

The phone fits perfectly, you can't even tell that it's a removable case. the keys have the perfect amount of clickiness, and the weight makes it feel really solid.

I'm not a fan of how mushy the space bar is, but that's not a big deal.

I think my unit might be somewhat defective though, the entire number row (and escape/backspace) require a harder press than the other keys on the keyboard, which makes it really annoying to type symbols or erase stuff

(sorry not a great video, but notice how the number keys and backspace don't register presses consistently like the other keys)

@avery thx for this info. but i have this bought me too. i hope i will get a perfect keyboard from pine64 :)

@avery this is the typical , first buyers are the beta tester for the mass, stuff. my pinephone was one of a first "stable"-version too. version 2,3... etc. will be better

@krzym very true! I'm gonna wait a while to see if others have the same issue, or if there's an easy fix. I've had good experiences with Pine64 support before, so if it is an actual defect I think they'll be able to send me a replacement.

@avery hi, i have now my pinephone keyboard too...but i have a you can charge phone battery with keyboard battery? i can't use this feature :(

@krzym charging is working for me, try the troubleshooting steps at the bottom of this page:

(also remember not to plug anything into the phone's usb c port while it's in the keyboard case, only charge through the keyboard's usb c port)

@avery I found my bug. Pogo pins are not 100% connected with my keyboard. I solved it with little bit solder :)

@krzym nice, glad that you got it working! It's disappointing how many people are having issues with the keyboard though, p64 needs better QC or something :blobcatcry:

@hacknorris currently on arch linux arm and the keyboard worked right away after doing a system update, but according to the store page, pmOS, manjaro, and mobian also support the keyboard

@avery a. ok. on my phone only pm os would work tho :'D

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