surprised these are already here, I think this is the fastest Pine64 order I've received

fingerprint scanner case is about what I expected. It's very slightly thicker than a standard back cover, but not really noticeable

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my pinephone isn't booting x.x

it's not easy to remove the phone, the case doesn't wanna stop munching on it

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protip: push the case so that it flexes outwards, instead of trying to pull out the phone

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gonna try reinstalling arch, I was messing with it on saturday, maybe I broke something and forgot

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the fingerprint case is a bit weird. Not sure if it’s just an issue with mine, but this little PCB doesn’t stay in place. It *kinda* snaps into place, but it pops out a few seconds later. I see a plastic piece with holes for the contacts underneath, I thought maybe the PCB was supposed to be under that, but looking at pictures on the Pine64 blog, I think it is just supposed to snap in on top of it

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update: I think I couldn't boot cause my battery was too low, so it was powering off really quickly (even though the battery indicator says the battery is almost full...)

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I'm still pretty slow at typing (especially with one hand lol) but holding it and typing with two thumbs is pretty quick

The shortcuts for symbols, arrow keys, etc will take some time to get used to though

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