For those having issues with the @PINE64 keyboard's top row, here's an easy fix that you can do with paper or 3D printing:

@avery @PINE64 when Apple has issues with keyboards, the FOSS world mocks it. when a project FOSS people are sympathetic toward has issues with keyboards…

@thor @PINE64 @avery When apple does it you have to buy a new device not download and print a fix. :P

@avery @PINE64 What's difficult about it? like they're binding when being pressed?

@captain_morgan I don't think it's binding, it's that after the key feels like it's bottomed out, I have to press it even harder to get it to register a key press (a decent bit harder than the other keys)

@avery odd, can't wrap my head around that fix then... guess I'll see when mine arrives! thanks for the writeup

@avery @PINE64 support is good. I hope they'll find a good solution for future products and for already shipped ones :D can I get a more technical explanations to how these shim work/solve the problem?

@avery @PINE64 thanks for posting this! once my newly ordered keyboard arrives, I might see if I have some 8.5mm OD o-rings that work as an alternative, but if they end up being too thick I'll definitely be using your 3d printed version. nice work!

@avery @PINE64
I hope I won‘t 🙈
It hasn‘t arrived yet, but thanks!

@avery Nice blog!

Could you add an RSS or ATOM feed to your blog? ( That would make following your content easier for me 😀

@linmob thanks! :celgladeline:

There’s an RSS link at the bottom of the page, I think this should work:

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