#PineDA can now search and browse Peertube and Youtube with thumbnail previews in the terminal thanks to ytfzf.

@kelbot this is super cool! do you have a git repo or something for this? (I think I remember seeing some of the code on your gemlog)

@avery Yeah, most of it is on my gemlog. It's not code really. It's a combination of tmux config/commands, the tui_launcher program for the buttons and some really simple shell scripts. The calendar is a program called when. I just launch it in a tmux window with certain flags. Those buttons are just launching a shell script in a tmux popup that opens the calendar file in $EDITOR or asks for an entry and appends it to the file.

@avery Oh and the when program is actually launched in a shell script that's a while loop and updates every 30 seconds so if you add a new item it will appear automatically.


@kelbot nice, I haven't had much time to mess with it lately but I definitely wanna try out this setup when I come back to the ppkb 😀

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