bunnycdn made a google fonts alternative [0]

that's cool and all, but like why not just host your own fonts

apparently there's a lot of demand for these font hosting services, I still don't know why


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(of course not using custom fonts is better, but then i'd be a hypocrite...)

@forever @avery imagine needing a dns lookup and establishing a new connection just to download a woff2 file

skip all that with preload http headers for first party fonts

or just use sans-serif lmao
@forever @avery No browser supports server push anymore because it's actually a bit of a problematic feature. Preload directives should be enough.

@Seirdy @avery hmmb gotta find out how to preload directive then

TechPost, web perf 

@forever @avery You have to add a link http header and make sure your CSP isn’t blocking prefetches. they were pretty useful in the days of shared font caches. But nowadays pretty much useless.

@avery I have no idea either, a ttf is not exactly big, and if your page uses so many that it's a storage or bandwidth issue, there's much bigger problems

@avery in my experience because it's really rare to find a font bundled well with all the different formats (woff, woff2, TTF, etc) and a good CSS ready to go.

Every font I've ever used I had to at least rework the CSS (e.g. to not have "fontname" and "fontname_bold" as different fonts)

I +think+ that's because SIL licence means it's not possible to distribute a bundle...

@avery The only thing we use Google Fonts for (reluctantly) is downloading the fonts.

@IceWolf same here, iirc I usually download them, copy their css and modify it to use the self hosted files

I can see how it can be useful to quickly try out different fonts if you haven't decided on one yet

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