I found a pretty cool Jellyfin music streaming client called Sonixd[0] !

pretty much gives you your own spotify knockoff

now i just have to finish importing my entire bandcamp collection of like 500 albums :blobcatsweats:


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@1_6180339887 I haven't tried Jellyamp, looks cool though! I started using Finamp on Android, which is a Jellyfin music player, so I was looking at similar desktop clients. Sonixd was the only one listen on Jellyfin's clients page:


interesting. i haven't noticed jellyamp being delisted. will give sonixd a try, thx. finamp is my preferred on android as well.

@1_6180339887 oh, that's weird, I wonder why they have two lists of clients. I was looking at the one linked on the home page

I'll probably stick with Sonixd for now. The only downside is that it seems like all the desktop music player clients are using Electron.

I know there's a subsonic plugin for Jellyfin, might have to check that out and see if I can get a native client working...

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