i might give pinephone daily driver another go

(apparently my pro1 x that was supposed to ship this month is now delayed until an unknown date)

I've been trying pmos for a bit, it's been really nice so far but I'll probably go back to arch if the waydroid integration works the same


pmos was a little bit smoother than arch so I'll stick with that for now, it had a few less ui quirks and slowdowns. might go back to arch in a few months if it catches up

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the most annoying bug right now is that you can't rotate a waydroid session (container?). It starts in whichever orientation your phone was when you first run waydroid, and after that it doesn't resize when you rotate your screen, you have to kill the waydroid thingy and start it again

@avery This has been my experience as well. pmOS is definitely the most performant of any of the distros I've tried, with sxmo anyways. Not sure if that holds true when using plamo or phosh or whatever on pmOS.

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