im gonna be so happy when eink displays are cheaper


i still don't know if there's no real eink competitors on the market because of patents, or just because they're still novel and would need a lot of investment to start manufacturing

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@haskal but for years I've alwasy read that it's because of patents, but also that the patents are gonna expire soon cause the first one was in 1998 and they expire after 20 years

i dont think im smart enough but I really wanna learn about how patents work and find what specifically is keeping competitors from popping up

@haskal *(when i saw i wanna learn how patents work, that actually sounds like the worst thing in the world to learn about, but like for the purposes of eink i want to)

@barning @haskal that's wahat i've heard, and 3d printers advanced crazy fast

i hope that happens with eink

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