they have "Limited time! Palm Buds Pro only $99. Pre-order now" commented out in the HTML on their homepage... great job keeping it a secret :blobcatfacepalm:

this is what it looks like with it enabled:

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also I find it kinda hilarious that it has all of:
- shift
- ctrl
- cmd
- alt
- two (different) fn keys
- and two spacebars

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lmao the first two results when you search for "minecraft" on Docker Hub have a crypto miner (the ones by "minecraft101")

> Am I mining to somebody?

see now here I made the classic mistake of choosing the first option, which made it spit out about 5 almost blank pages before I stopped it, when I really wanted the third, nearly identical option

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i spent too long on this

for those who haven't seen it it's based on the Sway wallpaper lol

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really cool that Loop Hero has these font options, every game should do this

also aside from (maybe) the stylus and display, I'm pretty sure none of this is true

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