I found a pretty cool Jellyfin music streaming client called Sonixd[0] !

pretty much gives you your own spotify knockoff

now i just have to finish importing my entire bandcamp collection of like 500 albums :blobcatsweats:

[0]: github.com/jeffvli/sonixd/

Proton-GE installer can now restart Steam for you after installing a compatibility tool!

yay custom library tabs plugin is released

the ui is basic but it works

you can add as many of your collections as you want and turn them into library tabs

(install instructions at crankshaft.space/ :blobcatspace: )

it took intense javascript fuckery but these library tabs are customizable now

you can hide them, reorder them, or add your collections as individual tabs

in this screenshot the "Playing" and "LGBTQ+" tabs are two of my custom collections

I also removed the dumb "Great on Deck" tab and the others a bit

more steam plugin

easy way to launch protontricks for a game or open a file browser in the game's wine prefix

oh this is cool, you can type an sftp url into thunar

then you can add a shortcut for it to quickly access it again

no more filezilla

Now you can actually enter groups and trigger actions on stuff!

the system is pretty simple, you define nested groups, with items in those groups, and Crankshaft generates a navigation tree out of that

(also: sorry, I forgot alt text on the previous video :blobcatcry: . this video is the same as the previous video but with more features, you can look at the alt text on this one)

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making progress on controller support for crankshaft plugins!

yay more cofe arrived

I really liked the Condor Decaf so I got a 1 kg bag, I think it's my favourite decaf

hardware-accelerated game mode screen recording on the steam deck!

it's insane how much time sponsorblock saves

(and this is only on one of three computers i use regularly)

added quick access plugin support

didn't work on the desktop implementation yet, but I'll probably do that later, right now I want to get my instant replay/shadowplay thing working on deck

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after stupid amounts of fuckery, I got game mode recording working on steam deck

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