it's insane how much time sponsorblock saves

(and this is only on one of three computers i use regularly)

added quick access plugin support

didn't work on the desktop implementation yet, but I'll probably do that later, right now I want to get my instant replay/shadowplay thing working on deck

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after stupid amounts of fuckery, I got game mode recording working on steam deck

oh yeah I also centred the zero button, is it just me or is the default layout where the zero is on the left kinda weird? On other lock screens it's always in the centre

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tried to improve the Steam Deck lock screen a bit, added a clock and battery status

this fixes an annoyance I had, if you left it charging in sleep mode, you would have to unlock it to check how full the battery is

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oops i got busy and didn't do much but here's an update

- flatpak works well, and makes it super easy to install on the deck (I'll probably submit it to Flathub soon?)

- added a systemd unit that starts crankshaft on boot, also works great on the deck

- added a built-in plugin browser, so you can install new plugins directly from within Steam with one click!

(and this is still all fully compatible with normal linux desktop)

here's the plugin browser working on the deck (as usual, sorry about bad video quality):

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tunic on the steam deck is amazing

(also here's a thumby for size comparison lol)

yaaaaay plugins are working on the deck

(sorry about the awful quality and one handed filming)

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I've been working on redoing the deck ui stuff, today I was able to make this menu item a real menu item, with controller compatibility and everything! (I'm using a controller in the video)

(it doesn't do anything yet when you click it, but that part is easier)

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builds are working now :blobcathyper:

all dependencies are embedded in the binary, so it's just one file which is kinda cool

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yay added some settings

(and more kinda janky code i need to refactor)

((and now its time for seepy cosy))

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i think libreoffice needs to cool it with the banners lol

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