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plushies love being squeezed. don't worry about squeezing too tight, if you were made of soft, you'd love it too

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...wtf, microsoft teams only enforces policies on the client

> Abusing Teams client protocol to bypass Teams security policies


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Consumers should have real control over their information, and ways to stand up and advocate for themselves.

It undermines privacy to encourage people to accept the scraps of an exploitative system. eff.org/deeplinks/2020/10/why-

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(attached cause I haven't seen them yet)

wow not great... biggest issue imo is that they made them all look so similar when they're probably gonna be displayed really small, it's like they entirely missed the point of icons

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❌ NSA analysts spied on significant others.
❌ Ring employees were caught looking at off-limits footage.
❌ Verkada staff use their own facial recognition tech to harass other employees.

Abuse of dangerous tech often starts with the people who build it. vice.com/en/article/pkdyqm/sur

@Main_Tomato idk if it's the same issue, but I've been having this for a few days, I had to do the solution someone mentioned (export database, clear app data, import database without settings)


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arch linux arm on my #pinephone has working hdmi out using the usb-c dock - huzzah!

time for me to banish phosh and get myself some alternate desktop environments goin' again!

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sysadmin tutorial videos on youtube with clickbait thumbnails are cursed

firefox's picture in picture is the best

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Letter to Pleroma devs:

Please never ever ever ever ever implement "typing" notifications in Pleroma chat. I hate them with my entire being.

Thank you,
With Love,
Your Best Friend,
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