a bit more peace of mind knowing I can remotely cut power to my 3d printer if needed. I wonder if I can integrate it with Octoprint somehow...

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finally set up one of my athom smart plugs. I rate them a 👍/10. They were cheap, shipped pretty quick, and run stock Tasmota. no complaints from me!

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It's worth reminding people that the world isn't a ball of doom and gloom as much as many on social media want you to believe.

Spend some time outside, off your computer and phone and enjoy the nice things about life.

@prydt maybe both? You could mirror your gitea repos to github to keep some of the discoverability, I feel like I've been seeing that more often

also aside from (maybe) the stylus and display, I'm pretty sure none of this is true

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they went way too hard on copying Apple, especially for their UI. Unless you copy the design exactly, it'll always look kinda janky. Stuff like margins, fonts, animations, all add up, and people can tell something is off when it's so close but slightly different to something they're deeply familiar with like iOS

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the JingPad A1 hardware looks really nice, and I'm glad there's another Linux tablet option, but their marketing is absolutely horrible

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We received a #JingPad A1 pre-production sample for an honest and in-depth review, which we will work on in the next few days.

In the meanwhile, we made a quick unboxing video showing the device and its magnetic keyboard, which you may find interesting.

youtube.com/watch?v=AWHaXXqiOA #linux

@katnjiapus yesssssss came out yesterday, I only played an hour or two but I love it so far :blobcatheart:

@norm @avocatto @wolf480pl for the PC I built recently I had to use Windows 10 Education, LTSC had driver problems, and Education is also less bloated

(then I nuked windows, Proton works great for me)

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Just some screenshots of Tootle a Mastodon client running on the #Pinephone

One of the first apps I showed of and still one of the best! I am almost sure that every mobile GNU/Linux user knows this app but I thought I would show it again since I am almost sure not just people who own such a device see these posts :D

Big thanks to @bleakgrey for the amazing work, make sure to follow him!
#Gnome #Pine64 #LinuxPhone #Librem5

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h e c c why cant I play comfy game now, I don't wanna do work

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maybe this'll also make it easy for me to blow up my nextcloud whenever I want and just bring up a new one and hook the storage back up

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hmmm I wanna move my Nextcloud to Linode, maybe I can use their S3-compatible storage with it... apparently Nextcloud can encrypt remote storage

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