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the new updates are really nice!!!! the swipe gestures and design updates to the lock screen and notification panels go a long way to making it feel smoother

why did bitwarden forget my login this is weird

@Jetengineweasel Fujitsu Quaderno A5, it's amazing for note taking (and that was my primary usecase, which is why I went for the A5 size), but for reading textbooks and stuff it's a bit small

If I have an epub for a book I can rescale it fairly well through Calibre, but the larger A4 model would be great since I can just drop PDFs on it without worrying about rescaling books or constantly zooming in

i like my A5 e-ink tablet but now I want an A4 one :blobcatspace:

aaaa i got a really cool deltarune desk mat from fangamer glitch week but I don't wanna use it cause I know I'm gonna spill stuff on it

@Sterophonick oof I had this happen once or twice on my deck, I was hoping they'd fixed it since I haven't had it happen recently...

@roobre from their faq and some stuff the founder posted it seems like the majority of the cost is for third party apis. They use a combination of their own indices, anonymized queries to google/bing, and other more specialized sources, with search magic to choose which ones to use for the given query

I'm guessing one path to bring that cost down would be to improve their own indexing so they can rely less on third party apis

dear god do they need to reduce their costs though, assuming this is true:

> In fact, it costs us about $1 to process 80 searches (wherever in the world you search from). So a user searching 8 times a day would perform about 240 searches a month, costing us $3 in search cost. But an average Kagi beta user is actually searching about 30 times a day. At USD $10/month, the price does not even cover our cost for average use [...]

idk if I'm an average user but I think I make well over 30 searches per day lol

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i've been trying kagi (a paid search engine) for a bit and it is very impressive so far

results are definitely better than google and duckduckgo, more relevant and less seo spam

the design is very good though, it seems like it protects the screen, analog sticks, and all the buttons (aside from back grip buttons)

I might have a go at 3d printing this one [0], could probably modify it a bit to offer more protection

[0]: printables.com/model/228222-st

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ugh wish i had a flip cover for my steam deck

the dbrand one that they've been teasing for months is, as expected, a shitty deal

*slaps roof of pinboard*

this bad boy can fit so many links i'll never read

really cool how you cant search gitlab issues without signing in

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