it's insane how much time sponsorblock saves

(and this is only on one of three computers i use regularly)

coworker is screen sharing and writing a bash script in a rich text editor

i am in fear

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"Groups that operate under the guise of inclusion are serving the greater goal of crypto that keeps the whole thing afloat: finding ever more fools to buy in so that the early investors can take their profits."

"Predatory community"

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for some reason i get emails from them and i still don't know what glitch is

that one stardew valley sound effect that sounds like the mastodon notification sound

*by working I mean get a ui working, right now I'm running the recording commands over ssh

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added quick access plugin support

didn't work on the desktop implementation yet, but I'll probably do that later, right now I want to get my instant replay/shadowplay thing working on deck

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here's a free Avery Coding Tip™️

you have to SAVE the file before compiling it

then the code will actually work

if you don't do that, the code won't work and you'll be confused and waste 10 minutes debugging


@protodrew kuru kuru kururin is a fun gba game, weird but addicting

(idk if it's obscure or unknown or anything, but I had never heard of it until rececntly)

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I want to play something new, but don't want to spend money on a video game.

What is your favorite game for an emulatable console? Bonus points for games that never got the attention they deserved

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agatha UX design tips 

if your software has a button that does something permanent and irreversible, it should probably have a confirmation dialog that lists all side effects of pressing the button

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