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almost deleted production search indices but it was only staging

@rgegriff is tmux fairly usable without any customizations? tbh I really only need tabs and it'll at least replace yakuake with alacritty in a sway scratchpad

the current extent of my knowledge is `tmux a` and `ctrl+b d` to keep stuff running on servers

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"hey do you have the mockups for the sign in page"

"idk just use a button or something"

why can you not see downloads in the firefox sidebar

apparently my laptop got through like 6 ethoslab videos before the battery died after I fell asleep last night

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There aren't enough people who know they're non binary

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"Google is planning to restrict modern ad blocking Chrome extensions to enterprise users only, according to 9to5Google. This is despite a backlash to an announcement by Google in January proposing changes that will stop certain ad blockers from working efficiently."


@fluffy update: apparently the weird port is thunderbolt 3 and a "network extension for ethernet/side mechanical docking"


@fluffy pretty good for a slim laptop I think. comparing to my T440s there's definitely less travel and c l i c k, but better than average I think

Although I did just notice that they removed the replaceable keyboard on the s models :blobcatcry:

@fluffy I see 4 USB ports (2 A, 2 C), HDMI, and audio jack

one of the USB C ports is weird and has an ethernet symbol beside it, idk what that is

previous work laptop is about the same, so I'm not losing anything. the battery life seems pretty average, but I only just finished setting up linux so I'll have to see

definitely prefer the ports/repairability of my personal T440s, but if I had to get a new one I'd probably go for one of these. the build quality, metal chasis, and weight are nice

new work laptop is a T14s, I like it it's very nice

(I wish they had sent the AMD version tho...)

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