Show newer :( is it that thing where you have an error halfway in the template so it just stops rendering there but doesn't give an error for some reason

i think i had that when messing with rss templates before :blobcathissing:

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Alright, long overdue, but I've updated my #Playdate reviews #gemini page! I've added Week 2 and why I hate Bloom gemini:// iirc on my personal site I wanted to change rss stuff so I just copied over the default hugo one and modified it do you mean layouts/index.html? (ive done some hugo stuff if you still need help :blobcatcozy: )

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lol heroku finally admitted that secrets were compromised

@amolith ITS SO GOOD :ablobfoxbongo:

one of the few games I bought full price recently and it was completely worth it

it feels a lot like a modernized 2d zelda game, but with even more exploration

it basically drops you in the world and you don't know anything and you explore and slowly figure it out (i think its best if you go in blind so i dont wanna say much)

also the graphics and music are :blobcathyper:

did a nap and played some tunic in bed

steam deck is cosy certified

i have shadowplay/instant replay working on steam deck :ablobcatrave:

after stupid amounts of fuckery, I got game mode recording working on steam deck

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:bing: lunar eclipse
:bing: lunar eclipse how take photo
:bing: lunar eclipse how take photo phone
:bing: lunar eclipse how take photo phone NOT grainy blurry dark
:bing: lunar eclipse stock photo no watermark

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be careful if youre going out tonight, mob spawns are increased

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The moon probably feels so much fucking pressure right now because we’re all staring at it

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