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ok I'm actually pretty excited for that dlc, I liked happy home designer on the 3ds

> last major free content update

ah so basically they're just finishing what the base game should've been

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ok this animal crossing update actually looks pretty sweet

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October Update:

Introducing the #PinePhonePro - $399

#PineNote and PinePhone Pro pre-orders are now open to developers & shipping this year!

#PineTime #InfiniTime major firmware progress & project management update

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nier replicant spoilers 

I'm vaguely aware that this game has multiple endings or something, I hope I don't have to replay the whole game to do that quest and get another ending

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nier replicant spoilers 

h e c k

the red bag ferryman died before I completed that quest to get him a red jewel

PalmOS help 

Is there any way to configure the Find feature? Or at least a way to rebind it's button

annoyed that my tamagotchi can't get gay married

Barely a week and I've replaced the main stock apps on my Palm

- Memo Pad -> WordSmith
- Todo List -> Shadow
- Date Book -> DateBk5
- I don't really use Note Pad, but I replaced it's button with Handy Shopper

really like that my palm came with a placeholder for the sd card slot

ok, I ended up using the previous version (DateBk5) since it's a bit simpler and has a registration code in Codez4Palm. I would probably use an even older version but I wasn't able to find a registration code

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Any PalmOS calendar app recommendations? I'm at least looking for recurring events, which it seems like the stock app doesn't support. Gonna try out DateBk6, but it might be too advanced for what I need (apparently the manual is 120+ pages x.x)

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Mail (the email client for Windows 10), has a loading bar for pasting text.

Someone saw that pasting text takes a long time, and instead of thinking 'OMG, we pasted text in the 80's without a problem', they decided to write a loading animation in, so that people would understand the paste is coming.

This is beyond parody.

nier replicant 

This pink moonflower quest is insane, I can't imagine doing this in real time without changing your system clock

click the x at the top right of steam window, steam window closes, steam stays running in the background

press alt f4 in the steam window, steam instantly closes, along with my game, without letting me save

very good

I hate RPG games that don't have a dialogue log

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