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Proton-GE installer can now restart Steam for you after installing a compatibility tool!

ok so i was very scared for second that a self hosted thing didn't require login

turns out it's just bitwarden autofilling http basic auth :bread_pats:

remember if you use relative timestamps (like "3 days ago") you are legally obligated* to show the full timestamp on hover

*i will be annoyed

hmmm do i wanna download a 90 gb copy of serial experiments lain

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yay custom library tabs plugin is released

the ui is basic but it works

you can add as many of your collections as you want and turn them into library tabs

(install instructions at :blobcatspace: )

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it's really easy to modify them in the code, now I need to make a ui to configure them

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it took intense javascript fuckery but these library tabs are customizable now

you can hide them, reorder them, or add your collections as individual tabs

in this screenshot the "Playing" and "LGBTQ+" tabs are two of my custom collections

I also removed the dumb "Great on Deck" tab and the others a bit

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One thing I really love about Stray is that the game decouples the UI resolution from the rendered resolution.

So for me the UI overlays are still at 4K even though I had to reduce the rendered resolution to increase frame rate.


its cooler outside im gonna touch grass*

*sit on my balcony

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apparently it has shader compilation stuttering on pc

I wonder if steam's linux shader cache fixes that

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a a aaa a a a can't wait to play Stray after work hopefully I'm not too tired

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