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October update follow-up:

- #SOQuartz is out next week & we're making hostboards for it

- #PinePhone (Pro) keyboard - first units from factory arrive. Costs $49.95

- #PinePhonePro dev unit pre-orders closed

- #PinDio dev progress report

....and more

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a non-pro version doesn't even exist and they're already releasing palm buds pro


palm earbuds speculation 

looking at some of their marketing, I think this will be pretty much a copy of the Nothing Ear 1. Same price point, active noise cancellation, a transparency mode, alright microphones, etc. And when they say "limited time", maybe they're also going to do limited drops to build up hype.

tl;dr probably nothing exciting

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they have "Limited time! Palm Buds Pro only $99. Pre-order now" commented out in the HTML on their homepage... great job keeping it a secret :blobcatfacepalm:

this is what it looks like with it enabled:

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In things I didn’t expect to learn today: apparently gender markers on passports are a result of people in the 60s and 70s fucking with gender norms and presentation so much, that the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) requested that a gender marker was added to passports because:

the rise in the early 1970s of unisex attire and hairstyles, photographs had become a less reliable means for ascertaining a traveler’s sex.

Also, “fun” tidbit: there is no trace left in the archives of why they needed to know the sex of people in the first place…

(other “fun” fact: you can thank Napoléon Bonaparte for the gender marker on birth certificates apparently :/)

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I really hope it's one of my cheap case fans and not my gpu or cpu cooler :blobcatsweat:

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i think it's a fan wobbling, it only happens sometimes

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i should really find out what the concerning rattling noise in my pc is

took a while to get the hang of it but shenzen io is really fun

I live in constant fear of the next time I decide to play Factorio

in other news, I have printed and assembled the 47 page Shenzen IO manual in a nice binder

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this is very specific, but here's a bsdiff patch that replaces sex with gender in the Shenzen IO manual and adds an "other" option

i love how easy it is to pirate fonts

!gh extension:ttf [name of font]

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