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finally got my hands on some pi zero 2's

xfce is really nice

I'll probably go back to sway/i3 at some point but I'm very happy with xfce. It's simple, lightweight, stays out of my way, and is fairly configurable

of course they don't have an unsubscribe link in the email

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every time i search something on aliexpress while I'm logged in they send me an email with recommendations for that search term...

my music collection is getting a bit too big to sync everywhere over nextcloud, gonna try to setup some kind of music streaming server

I wish there were more clamshell handheld emulators

(I'm running this through Wine/Lutris, took a bit of tinkering but works great so far)

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finally got botw running in cemu!!!

There's something really cool about playing nintendo games on a pc at 1440p, 60+fps with a switch pro controller

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forums are neat
more forums instead of discord guilds please

finally got around to playing button city, this game is too cute

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fluffychat is pretty good on desktop, with a couple of tweaks it would be one of the best desktop clients

(most of those are just from trying different clients, I think it's only 3-4 actual devices)

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I have 18 devices registered on my matrix account, I should really clean those up :blobcatsweat:

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opening firefox 94 for the first time

:attention_left: PLEASE DON'T LEAVE :attention_right:

this sounds exciting? :blobcateyes:

> UPDATE: Pfizer's oral COVID-19 antiviral cuts hospitalization, death by 85%, sending team barreling to FDA

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